to contribute to a just and sustainable society through
promoting responsible investment in a spirit of interfaith
and international dialogue and cooperation.
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The International Interfaith Investment Group

The mission of 3iG is to contribute to a just and
sustainable society through responsible investment in
a spirit of genuine interfaith dialogue and co-operation.


1 November 2013
Your Faith Your Finance Website
With church investments in the UK spotlight, a new website providing church groups and individual Christians with a host of new resources to make ethical and spiritual decisions about their use of money. The 'your faith your finance' website contains facts, links and case-studies covering issues ranging from banking and shopping to biblical parables about money. The new website explains a range of different views on the subjects in question and includes resources for personal reflection and group discussion. 3iG supports this Quaker and ECCR initiative and suggests you to pay a visit. Click here

20 September 2013
Guardian Sustainable Business, Finance Hub
“When will religious organisations reach their full potentials as investors?” This was the title of the 3iG blog published on the Financial Hub of the Guardian Sustainable Business on 17 September 2013. The article provides some characteristics of religious organisations that can be utilised for faith consistent investing. Leave your comments on the site and share the article with others! Click here to go to the article.

22 November 2012
Religious Investor Identity: Please sign up!
3iG is searching for representatives of religious organisations that have investments and would be willing to participate – on an anonymous and strictly confidential basis – with the study through means of interviews of maximum 1 hour.  The focus of the research is on Religious Investor Identity and will be done in cooperation with our research partners Vlerick (Belgium) and ESADE (Spain). Contact Prof Céline Louche (Vlerick) for more information:

20 November 2012
Practitioner Research Report now electronically available: FREE
This practitioner E-book highlights successful and non-successful cases of shareholder engagement by religious organizations. Click here for the E-book and for ordering hard copies, please click here

05 November 2012
Funding for new research on Religious Investor Identity received
3iG is happy to announce it has received funding for follow-up research in the area of Faith Consistent Investing. The focus of the new research will be on Religious Investor Identity and will be done in cooperation with our research partners Vlerick (Belgium) and ESADE (Spain).

30 May 2012
Believers in the Boardroom
The results of a second major research carried out by the International Interfaith Investment Group 3iG, along with ESADE Business School in Spain and Vlerick Leuven Gent School of Management in Belgium, provides insight in how 3 different religious institutions owning shares of stock listed companies can influence company behaviour. Click here to read the full press release.

23 May 2012
Faith Consistent Investing on UBrain TV
Internet-based TV station UBrain TV has been increasing its attention to how religious institutions can invest according to their beliefs. View interviews with representatives of Goodbankers (Japan) and 3iG (Spain, the Netherlands) and lectures on Responsible Investment by using the following links.

My Dream (K. van Cranenburgh, 3iG):
Lecture FCI (K. van Cranenburgh, 3iG):
Interview 3iG (K. van Cranenburgh, 3iG):
SRI in Japan, Goodbankers (M. Tsukushi):
Interview Goodbankers (M. Tsukushi):

UBrain TV provides many more interesting videos for 3iG members. Have a look on their

23 January 2012
Journal of Business Ethics first academic journals to
publish Faith Investing

The Journal of Business Ethics, a reputable international
scientific journal on humanities, social sciences and law,
has published a paper named ‘From Preaching to Investing:
Attitudes of Religious Organisations Towards Responsible
Investment. Click here to read more

News history


26 November 2012:
3iG exposes KAICIID stakeholders to FCI at prestigious inauguration ceremony
3iG participated in the launch of The KAICIID Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue. Top religious leaders gathered in Vienna to enable, empower and encourage dialogue among followers of different religions and cultures around the world. 3iG thanks the organisation for supporting Faith Consistent Investing and the work of 3iG as it seems new to many of the KAICIID stakeholders. Look here for more info on KAICIID.

22 February 2012, Paris, France
Working Group on Governance and Engagement
The Chaire Finance Durable et Investissement Responsable holds its 3rd meeting in Paris on governance and shareholder engagement. 3iG’s research partner Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School is presenting preliminary findings of the study it did amongst 3iG members on religious shareholder engagement. The study with the working title ‘When CEOs and Priests meet: religious organisations and their shareholder investment practices.’, is expected to be presented in the form of a practicioners report in the spring of 2012. Click here for the programme of 22 February.

4 October 2011, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
ESG Europe and Faith Investing
3iG will host a session and allow for research on Faith Investing at Responsible Investors’ ESG Europe 2011 conference. During this conference, there will be several activities related to Faith Consistent Investing. What is the current status of faith investing, how do faith institutions practice shareholder engagement, what motivators / barriers exist to invest according to your theological beliefs and what tools are available to make a next step in Faith Consistent Investing are amongst the topics to be discussed. Please contact the 3iG staff for free access to the conference and dinner. For the full programme, please click here.

26 May 2011, Cascais, Portugal
Responsible investment: Titanic struggle or voyage of discovery?
At the European Foundation Centre Annual General Assembly, 3iG will share information on faith based organisation’s involvement in Responsible Investment, their key challenges, potential solutions and tools and some examples. Session Date: Thursday 26 May, 16.30 hrs. Click here to find the full programme.

18 November 2010, London
Positive Impact Investing
What is the potential of positive impact investment to help meet the social and environmental challenges that humanity faces while still generating sound financial returns? Please click here to read more about this interesting ECCR session.

30 November – 1 December 2010
Impact Investing Forum
3iG will be presenting religious investors and impact investing at the international forum in London. Impact Investing has the potential to become a powerful force when addressing global challenges. Emerging as a hybrid of philanthropy and private equity, a growing group of investors around the world is seeking to make investments that will generate social and environmental value as well as a return on capital — and sometimes a rather large return. Click here for more information.

1-3 December 2010
Morals and Banking, Antwerp, Belgium
This international conference explores the question how modern banking practices can be reconciled with moral values. The conference programme will be clustered around three main themes: integrity and trust in the banking sector, socially responsible banking (SRI, religiously inspired banking, microfinances, and cooperative banking) and financial crises in the small and in the large.

3iG will be presenting the results of its global Faith Consistent Investment research within the ‘Religious responsible banking’ theme. Please find the call for presentations here.

7&8 December 2010
SRI and Financial Reporting, Transparency
3iG will be presenting at this conference organized by Yale University, New Haven, USA, together with the Global Financial Integrity, a Washington-based NGO. The aim is to bring together experts in corporate social responsibility with the illicit financial flows community. The purposes of this event is to exchange analyses, insights, and agendas toward achieving greater transparency and justice in the international financial system. Please click here for the tentative programme.

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Believers in the Boardroom

"As faith-based investors we believe we are obliged to own our shares actively and responsibly, not just for the sake of profit" Reverend Séamus P. Finn
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'If you are able to think of business when you are praying, you should be able to think of your prayers when doing business'
Kossover Rebbe
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