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Running and upcoming 3iG projects:

All projects flow from the mission of 3iG and are related to knowledge development and knowledge sharing in the field of Faith Consistent Investing (FCI). Some projects are large, some are small, some are conducted with the cooperation of volunteer students and members of the advisory board, others are partnerships with well-established and reputable organizations. All projects should support members of the 3iG network in their aim for building sustainable communities and societies through FCI.

Q1 26 January 2010

7 Steps to Faith Consistent Investing – implementation guide for faith institutions

To support faith groups in implementing FCI, 3iG has developed a 7 step guide. The guide addresses a wide range of readers from the smaller sized institutions starting up FCI to the more advanced institutions. This educational tool helps faith institutions, in a simple and structured way, take steps towards integrating their faith beliefs into their investment policy. Please visit our resources section on or share your interest by emailing the central team at


During the first quarter of 2010, 3iG will revitalize fundraising activities. Due to the set up of our organization, being a mission oriented organization giving all our services and tools free of charge, we are depending on grant giving foundations, members and donors to support us. 3iG is a low-cost organization and operates due to the generous gifts of foundations such as the Ford Foundation and the Charles Stuart Mott Foundation as well as a number of faith institutions willing to contribute to our mission. Any donations as well as links to potential grant givers are most welcome. Please contact for further information.

Faith Consistent Investing Research:

This global academic research is a partnership project between 3iG, ESADE business school and Vlerick Management School and already receives support of ICCR, ECCR, Kairos/Share, Oikocredit and others. The methodology includes focused group discussions, interviews and a global online survey.  The survey has closed end December 2009 and 3iG is now in the stage of data analysis. The findings will relate to investment practices of numerous diverse faith institutions across the world and provide numbers and types of assets as well as different views on faith consistent investing.

E-Learning for faith institutions’ representatives

The objective is to create an e-learning tool for financial representatives of small and medium sized faith institutions in order to support them in their work. After an elaborate market analysis of existing trainings and tools and a needs-assessment of treasurers of faith institutions, 3iG is now in the stage of finding funding for the development of the e-learning tool.

Impact Investing

Impact Investing refers to investments that explicitly aim to respond to social or environmental challenges or and to support local community development while generating financial returns. 3iG supports the growing interest on impact investing rather than ‘best in class’ investing. Since it is a rather unexplored area with high potential for social change, 3iG has examined the definitions of impact investing, will explain different types of impact investing and the role that faith based institutions have played in this arena. We will also report on the market size, growth rates and trends in this developing investment strategy. These areas, together with case studies and opportunities, will be covered in a report, to be expected in Q1 2010.

Microfinance amongst Faith Institutions

Since microfinance is a strong growth market and regarded as an opportunity for positive social change, 3iG will report on the faiths’ interests and practices in microfinance. A report is envisaged in Q1 2010, publishing best practices of faith institutions in this area and potential methodologies suitable for faith investors.



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